Member Monday – Secretary Megan Manson

Name: Megan-Jean Manson
 Immortal Phoenix Studios/Champlain Valley Educational Services

Position: Owner, Creative Director/Publication Specialist
City: Plattsburgh
How long have you been an ADKYP Member? 2 years

What do you do in your spare time? I like to draw, paint, read and write.

What is a fun fact about yourself? Thanks to my overwhelming love of Star Trek, I am self taught & top notch backyard astronomer.

What three business tips can you share with others? Be passionate about what you love to do, always keep learning, and don’t be afraid to make connections along the way.

What is your guilty pleasure (TV show, sweet treat, etc.)?  Dark chocolate and ice cold milk!

Have you done business with another ADKYP Member? Not yet, but I have made lots of great connections to potential clients.

What is your dream vacation spot? Iceland, to see the auroras and the stunning county. Same with Antarctica.

What are you passionate about? Creating art and astronomy.

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